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Silvia Levenson and Mantico

20/06/2019 - Updates

This is a story written in 6 hands: behind the scenes we have the Anna Fileppo Studio in Cossato (BI) and its flagship project for over 10 years, the now well-known concept Art and Industry, while on stage here are the protagonists, the international artist Silvia Levenson and the Biella company MANTICO.

Anna Fileppo with Art  and Industry wants to promote synergies between artists and businesses. His Studio, which in 2018 has turned 30, encourages and coordinates a creative exchange between art, design and the best of artisan production, with the aim of bringing contemporary art into everyday life.

His motto “There is no communication without emotion” means precisely this: the emotion is the search for beauty, a beauty that is not abstract or sterile, but something that can improve the corporate image.

And it is precisely through this new way of communicating that the company is told and seen through the eyes of an artist.

On the one hand Silvia Levenson, an artist of Argentine origin and who has moved to Italy for over 30 years, specializes in glass processing. His sculpture has a dark and ironic vision of modern domestic life and his works are exhibited in the most prestigious museums around the world.

From the other MANTICO, from the Latin “manticum“, “bag”: an imaginary baggage where to keep one’s own experiences and with which to feel free to live without compromising, without putting on brakes or limits. A world where the Italian spirit blends with inspirations from different cultures, telling the biellese textile tradition through backpacks that make life #amanilibere.

The synergy between the company and the artist, under the careful direction of Anna Fileppo, has given life to a Limited Collection with customizable details, with the reproduction of the iconic “Pink Glass Hand Grenade”, the famous hand-colored bomb rose made of glass.

The collection consists precisely of the kvattro bag and two backpacks, memo zayno and classy zayno, all made in Italy: the products thus become small works of art, precisely 90 unique pieces.

The Limited Collection was officially presented in March 2019 at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, United States, and last May 25 in the heart of Biella at Thanks, an official MANTICO retailer.

On June 3, the artist also came to the store to talk about this happy synergy with Michele Pozzo of MANTICO: a work born as usual in glass, but here it was woven by hand to personalize a manufacturing product and characterized by great care for small details.

The Biella fabric and fashion are therefore combined with art and design, giving life to a collaboration made in Biella where creativity is the basis of everything: a liaison that fully supports Biella’s candidacy for UNESCO Creative City .