Sow community 2.0

13/06/2019 - Events

The first joint social call is on the way: three of the main social actors in Biella, the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, Simetica Bank and the Diocese of Biella have decided to unite to create the new “Sow community 2.0” call for entries which will be officially presented next 17 June at Gromo Losa Palace and will open on June 18th.

The social entrepreneur Johnny Dotti, who was the testimonial of the project, spoke about it from the Vitamina B stage, the great event dedicated to the good that took place over the weekend.

Purpose of the project is to inspire new territorially coordinated social policies aimed at countering or preventing situations of economic hardship and the margins that affect ever larger categories of the Biella population.

Read the press release: