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TEDxBiella 2019

25/05/2019 - Events

TED is a non-profit organization whose goal is to spread valuable ideas through the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading“, usually through short, but effective “talks” lasting up to 18 minutes.

The first TED conference of 1984 was a conference on technology, entertainment and design. Today, on the other hand, TED conferences deal with a huge variety of topics, from science, to business, to global issues, in more than 113 languages.

In the mood of “Ideas Worth Spreading”, TED promotes the TEDx program, which consists of a series of local events, organized around the world, which aim to bring together communities, organizations and individuals to make them live an experience like that proposed by TED.

Saturday 25 May 2019 at Palazzo Gromo Losa the speaker will have the task of interpreting the theme as the desire to relate to the topic or subject matter of competence not from a central and classic point of view, but from a peripheral point of view, unusual and that is able to make the listener discover new interpretations on topics that are thought to already have a complete vision. New glimpses, in fact, that can only be seen if you have the courage to explore the periphery of something. The concept of the periphery can in fact be understood both in a physical sense and in a metaphorical way, thus being able to range from subjects such as architecture, urban planning, to philosophy or psychology.