Textile and Health: a prize of 15 thousand euros

24/06/2019 - Updates

The Textile and Health Association and the Tintoria Piana (220 South Erwin Street Cartersville, USA) as part of its ongoing commitment to research in the textile sector has established an annual award that honors research in the field of applied sciences in the textile sector.

This year the prize named after Elsa Serra Piana debuts, an artist who liked to call herself a fiber-maker and who with the scraps of family spinning created landscapes and original floral compositions, poetic paintings in which the shapes had shaded contours and transparent hues.

The award consolidates Tes’s commitment to wellness, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, through the use of biocompatible and eco-sustainable fabrics, with the aim of enhancing the results of interdisciplinary research on the topic carried out by Italian researchers, with a lower age at 40 and resident or domiciled in the country.

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– the Elsa Piana award brochure

– the Notice / Regulations