The art of the twentieth century and the book 1944 – 2010

03/05/2019 - Events

The city of Biella wanted to pay tribute to the architect Leonardo Mosso, Biella of origin, supporting the project of the exhibition The art of the twentieth century and the book 1944 – 2010 curated by Gianfranco Cavaglià and set up in the Civic Library of Piazza Curiel with inauguration on Friday 3 May at 6pm and open until July 31st.

The subject of the exhibition is part of a collection of books whose covers are an expression of the work of artists, architects and graphic designers, through which the history of art can be summarized.

The attention that the artists together with publishers and patrons have dedicated to the production of books, the cover of the book and the book itself as a work of art in itself, sometimes autonomous from the content, as its own and direct vehicle of communication, is highlighted. aesthetic, cultural and social.

They represent the constant commitment of Leonardo Mosso, a man of culture and founder, with Laura Castagno, of the Alvar Aalto Institute and of the Maaad (Museum of Applied Arts and Design Architecture).

The collection was the subject of a first presentation at the Turin Book Fair in 2003, the following 2004 at the Turin Province headquarters at Palazzo Cisterna and in 2017 at the Angelo Caselle Library in Pino Torinese.

The initiative joins an important international recognition: the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, after having acquired for its archive documentations of projects, studies, research, models and installations, dedicated a Hommage à Leonardo Mosso room (room 38 – floor 5 called L’école de Madrid).