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The Biella media carry the Unesco “flag” on the front page

29/03/2019 - Updates

Starting from 21 February, the Biella media wanted to express their support for the candidacy of Biella to the UNESCO Creative Cities network in Crafts & Folk Art.

The Directors have chosen to accompany the whole Candidature course by publishing on the front page the logo of the Third Paradise elaborated by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

The idea came to us from the day of the presentation of the initiative” – ​​writes Roberto Azzoni, Director of Eco di Biella – “It seems to us a project worthy of praise in a season of absent values ​​and of creaky economy, that of supporting a challenge that is based on aesthetic values ​​and quality of the territory and its “know-how” […] So, why not? Even Eco di Biella ideally is there: and from Monday (February 21st) the logo will be part of our DNA ”.

We immediately and enthusiastically joined when the organizing committee asked Il Biellese to support Biella’s candidacy” – writes Manuela Colmelet, Director of Il Biellese – “A challenge that we like and that we fully support“.

Even “La Stampa is with Biella in the UNESCO candidacyPaola Guabello reports in the title of her article written for the occasion – in the first row there is the director Maurizio Molinari who decided to put his signature on the document” (ie on the letter of support) of which an excerpt is reported: “If for thousands of years wool accompanies the journey of man, the Biellese, for centuries, has been able to make natural fiber an art in continuous evolution, a symbol of excellence recognized throughout world through fabrics that are an expression of creativity and innovation “.

La Nuova Provincia di Biella also joined the initiative with the publication of the Candidature logo on the front page.

Strong support also comes from the web with NewsBiella: “The words pronounced by Nino Cerruti and Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Palazzo Gromo Losa meeting in the past few months have not gone unnoticed – explains the director Catia Ciccarelli – For a media it is fundamental to promote the own territory. A commitment that Newsbiella has been pursuing for days, day after day. Surely, the more the name of Biella is taken outside the local and national borders, the more the final result will be optimal for all of us “; and with Web Diary.

And from local television, ReteBiella TV: “With pleasure, ReteBiella supports the project of candidacy of the City of Biella based on assumptions of territorial cohesion and unity of purpose – says Laura Martini, Director of ReteBiellafor over thirty years we report daily facts and Chronicle of the Biellese. Based on these assumptions the editorial staff wants to be present, to tell this extraordinary adventure “; and telebiella: “We have the name of Biella outside the boundaries of the territory at the beginning of the local television stations – remembers Peppo Sacchi founder and director of telebiellawe cannot but support the Candidature of Biella in Creative Unesco City“.