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The Biellese group Warm Morn supports the candidacy of Biella Creative City

08/08/2019 - Updates

New support comes from the world of music.

The Warm Morn are a “musical / landscape project with incursions into the blues of the first half of the 20th century, starting from the slopes of Mombarone between sounds inspired by Piero Angela’s Quark, the beaches of Brazil, Hawaiian dreams”. This is how they define themselves on the Facebook profile of the band Walter Guabello and Zaccaria Roj.

The two members of the group meet in 2014 and start the musical project by founding Warm Morn, an instrumental band with blues sounds and ethnic influences from world music, with Walter Guabello on drums and Zaccaria Roj on acoustic guitar. The Warm Morns also try to draw inspiration from the territory. “Let’s say we do an indigenous research of places and the human and natural landscape is a non-negligible component” explains Zaccaria.

Zaccaria, a descendant of an entrepreneurial family that made the history of textile machinery, has also published in recent months a solo album with instrumental pieces that came to life from contact with the Biella valleys: “I feel bound to this territory. The nature of our valleys is a source of inspiration and in the first solo album I published I included two compositions that were born from the contact with these valleys. I have also recently published on the Youtube platform also the first single from the album which is Gororgomoro song».

Their creativity in the field of music is an example of Biella’s creativity.

Follow the Facebook page: Warm Morn