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The Biellese protagonist at Geo & Geo

02/12/2019 - Updates

Tuesday 3 December, starting at 6:00 pm, an appointment on RAI TRE with Geo & Geo: the documentary “Back to nature” will be aired, with the Biella expert Lucio Bordignon and the director from Cagliari Davide Mocci.

It is the fourth time that Lucio Bordignon is the protagonist of a naturalistic documentary broadcast by Geo & Geo: the first time he presented a documentary on the black stork, the second spoke of the custody of the natural parks and the third of the Biella Baraggia.

This time the theme is the environmental restoration of several ex-mines of the Minerali Industriali Group, of which Lucio is the coordinator of the restorations.

In the work of Mocci – says Lucio Bordignon – we illustrate the restoration of vegetation on the lands stripped of the excavations, with the earth being re-sheltered through the laying of georetes, to avoid erosion. Then the sowing of the grass, by hand or with hydro-seedling, a special machine that sprays the seed together with liquid fertilizer. The mixtures of the seeds – specifies better Lucio – vary from area to area, to adapt them to different conditions. Where we want to favor butterflies and pollinating insects like bees, – continues the biellese expert of nature – along with the grass, wild flowers are also sown. After the grass, bushes and plants are planted. The arrangement of the vegetation is made to art, so that it can be useful for the settlement of wildlife, for example by recreating thorny hedges that can serve as a refuge for birds and small mammals. In the design, small ponds are also formed to host aquatic fauna. After a few years the environment is so well reconstructed that we no longer notice that in that place there was a mining activity“.

Davide Mocci wanted to highlight the importance of Bordignon’s training, born in the countryside following the distant knowledge handed down by his father Antonio and gradually perfected by adding the technical knowledge of modern naturalistic bioengineering. Lucio in turn taught his knowledge to his daughter Alice, an agronomist, creating a very united and productive team, both inside and outside the home. For this reason, the director considered it particularly significant to include some sections of Lucio’s life with his family while they take care of the vegetable garden, make wine and eat food from their land.