The house of fire

04/09/2019 - Events

Ten years after the death of Tavo Burat, a film, a dinner and a concert at the Trappa of Sordevolo Saturday 7 September.


5.30 pm Screening of the film Ritornare Selvatici – The nomadic words of Tavo Burat by Giuseppe Pidello and Maurizio Pellegrini (Free admission)

7.30 pm Dinner by Pietro Ganni (GLOCAL – Ethnobiological Gastronomy) with recipes taken from the book L’an-cà da fé (The house of fire) – The ancient cuisine of Biella from Tavo Burat and Giorgio Lozia

9.30 pm Concert by Marco Rovelli Don Quixote, Dolcino, the Maremma and other stories. Love and utopia, the stories of popular and social Tuscan singing and the new stories of the Kurdish guerrillas, in the poetry in music of an artist apart and partly Free admission, exit hat

The memory of Tavo will continue on Sunday 8 September with the Feast of Fra Dolcino and Margherita organized by the Centro Studi Dolciniani

Meeting at 10.00 am in Piazzale Margosio along the Panoramica Zegna