The Maurizio Sella Wool Mill: a walk through time, between past and future

13/11/2019 - Events

The Maurizio Sella Wool Mill: a walk through time, between past and future exhibition will open Saturday 16 November, dedicated to the history of the building complex and its activities.

The exposure is part of the exhibition Biella portrait of a factory city: a narrative journey through images that takes place in five different locations, the Maurizio Sella Wool Mill, Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation, Spazio Cultura of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, Chamber of Labor and the Città Studi Library.

In each place photographs will be shown concerning the Biella identity linked to factories and textile work.

The event is organized by CGIL and the Documentation Center “Adriano Massazza Gal” of the Biella Chamber of Labor and is part of the Biellese Historical Fabric project, led by the Province of Biella and supported by the Piedmont Region.

The complex of the Maurizio Sella Wool Mill is a testimony of the economic and productive events that took place over time, up to the present day. The exhibition that tells it reconstructs his story through paper documents and images; from the Mondella paper mill, in the first half of the sixteenth century, to the silk spinning mill of the Congregation of the Sanctuary of Oropa which was born at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, to the Maurizio Sella Wool Mill – active since 1838 – up to the current destination of the group’s multi-purpose activity center Sella Group and other users, including the Sella Foundation.

The exhibition can be visited in the ancient chapel of the wool mill adjacent to the current hall that now houses the exhibition The other machine. A Biellese industrialist and the affirmation of photography in Italy. It will be open until February 2, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 19, the other days by appointment).

Find the complete program of the exhibition, including the other exhibitions and their timetables, in the enclosed brochure.