The mayor Claudio Corradino receives a tribute from Cerruti and Pistoletto

05/09/2019 - Updates

A special ceremony was held this morning in the council chamber of Palazzo Oropa: the CEO of Lanificio Cerruti, Paolo Torello Viera, gave the mayor of Biella Claudio Corradino and the city a celebratory picture dedicated to the candidacy for the Network of Cities Unesco creative signed by Nino Cerruti and Michelangelo Pistoletto.

In the back, the dedication of Torello Viera: “The creativity of Lanificio Cerruti for our Biella“. And he added: «This recognition comes from a project by Lanificio Cerruti and Fondazione Pistoletto and represents a union of creativity. Together with my staff we wanted to create something for the UNESCO candidacy and we decided to combine the fabric with the creativity of Pistoletto. The painting has a profound value compared to a simple piece of fabric. I was thrilled because as soon as we made this proposal she was married to Michelangelo Pistoletto».

The meeting was also attended by Andrea Quaregna, Deputy Secretary-General of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.

The work is made with a 100% wool fabric of 460 gr with a double-canvas weave that allows the jacquard motif to be visible on both sides with contrasting shades. The Third Paradise logo – donated by Pistoletto and used as a logo-symbol of the UNESCO candidacy – is obtained thanks to the combination of over 1200 woven threads thanks to the Lanificio’s jacquard looms.

These are the words of the mayor of Biella Claudio Corradino: “I thank on behalf of the whole community for this beautiful gift that comes from Lanificio Cerruti and the Pistoletto Foundation, it is a further input towards the recognition of this Unesco title that we need for the relaunch of our territory. Thanks also go to the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation for the work it is doing in the race for candidacy. Perhaps in the past we were not good at communicating our territory outside, when instead it gave itself so much to the country on a historical, cultural and entrepreneurial level. This is the example, as it is happening for the infrastructures, of how important it is to act together in favor of the territory».

Attached is the press release.

In the picture, from the left: Andrea Quaregna – CRB Foundation Deputy Secretary General, Paolo Torello Viera – CEO Lanificio Cerruti, Claudio Corradino – Mayor of Biella, Margherita Cugini – Press Office Manager Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and Barbara Greggio – Councilor for Trade and Economic Development.