The mayors of Biella joined in support of Biella Creative City

09/07/2019 - Updates

From Viverone lake to the pastures of Rosazza, from the Ricetto di Candelo to the rice fields of Massazza, passing through the many towns between the plain and the hill and then of course Biella, the capital of a province as small as it is multi-faceted: as a standard the flag of the UNESCO candidacy has ideally covered in these months the 700 km of roads that connect a territory of only 913 kmq to make known the project of candidacy of the City of Biella to the network “Creative cities UNESCO”. A journey lasted months that led to a result that is not remembered in the Biella archives: the collection of the signatures of all 74 mayors of the territory for a common cause.

“When we decided to support the candidacy of the City of Biella, we initiated several communication actions and one of the first was the collection of signatures of the mayors of the territory – explains the President of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Franco Ferraris – launched on the occasion of conference with the creative cities UNESCO held in January at Palazzo Gromo Losa. However, we realized the difficulty of bringing together so many people scattered over a truly articulated territory that counts municipalities with a few hundred inhabitants and centers with many thousands of citizens, and for this reason the last signatures have been gathered in these days and have involved in some cases newly elected mayors. I must say that on this occasion I have never seen a unity of intents almost total on a project of the territory “.

The collection of signatures as a sign of the unity of a territory that has understood the need to team up to imagine its relaunch starting from the textile tradition, but also fielding the other excellences that characterize it: from art to the environment, from the gastronomy to services for citizens. Like a large tapestry each municipality of the Biella area brings its own specific qualities to compose the photograph of a vital and welcoming territory that supports united for the recognition of the capital as “UNESCO Creative City”.

“An extraordinary result that rewards the work of the promoters of the candidacy who have been able to interpret its profound spirit – commented the Prefect of Biella Annunziata Gallo – rarely in my career have I seen a territory capable of involving in such a capillary way all institutions and cultural forces on a common project, a work truly worthy of praise and which I will highlight in all the highest institutional institutions ”.

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