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The Piedmontese Foundations gathered at Casa Zegna to celebrate

27/11/2019 - Updates

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Piedmontese Foundations took place on November 14th at the Sala Zegna of Casa Zegna, celebrating the entrance of Biella into the “Unesco Creative Cities” network.

To welcome the Presidents and Secretaries of the Piedmontese Foundations and their collaborators the President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation Franco Ferraris who did the honors telling the extraordinary story of the Biella textile industry and the elements of creativity at the base of the success of the city.

The location chosen for Ettore Olivero Pistoletto’s father, father of the most famous Michelangelo and recently enhanced in the exhibition “Father and son” is particularly evocative and appreciated.

To decorate the room the symbol of the Third Paradise that identifies Biella creative declined in flowers and images to witness a 360° Biellese creativity also in the field of hospitality. During the day, guests were also able to visit the Zegna Wool Mill, one of the most significant textile world excellence.

Biella fully deserves the Unesco recognition – the President of the CRT Foundation Giovanni Quaglia commented to TG Rai’s microphones – the Piedmontese Foundations are happy to have contributed to this result which has brought to three the number of Piedmontese cities included in the network. Now we have to work united for new collaborations“.

President Ferraris was also very satisfied, proud of the work carried out by the Foundation that promoted and coordinated the project and the success achieved thanks to a cohesive team composed of the Municipality of Biella, Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation and the Foundation itself, with the advice of the Bia Srl.