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The Renaissance in Biella | MI-TO 500 years

23/05/2019 - Events

The “Vergini delle Rocce” A trace of Leonardo in Biella and a triptych by Bernardino de’ Conti

Conference by Edoardo Villata with the participation of Francesco Alberti La Marmora

Monday 27 May | 6.00 pm Center for Piedmontese Studies Via Ottavio Revel 15 | Turin

Story of a rediscovered masterpiece. Forgotten as a low-value seventeenth-century canvas in the interior rooms of the Basilica of San Sebastiano in Biella, the painting proved to be an important 16th century panel; attributed to Bernardino de’ Conti, a Milanese follower of Leonardo, it was restored and placed in the Biellese Territory Museum.

Too little is known about this work, but many clues seem to link it to two other tables by de’ Conti found in La Marmora Palace and to suggest a commission by Sebastiano Ferrero. Edoardo Villata will tell, on the basis of little or no known documents, a compelling historical journey full of aspects still to be investigated.

This conference is part of the cycle of events that accompany the exhibition The Renaissance in Biella. Sebastiano Ferrero and his sons, in progress in Biella at Ferrero Palace, La Marmora Palace and Biellese Territory Museum until 18 August 2019.

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