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The Renaissance in Biella | MI-TO 500 years

27/05/2019 - Events

The Renaissance in Biella. Sebastiano Ferrero and his sons

Meeting with Mauro Natale, Edoardo Rossetti and Annalisa Zanni

Thursday 30 May | 6.00 pm Museo Poldi Pezzoli (Via Alessandro Manzoni 12 | Milan)

Sebastiano Ferrero was one of the most influential personalities of the Duchy of Savoy and Lombard territories during the years of the French occupation, where he was appointed by Louis XII General of Finance (1499-1519). The historical rediscovery of this figure allows to shed new light on some important Milanese initiatives (reproduction of the Virgin of the rocks by Leonardo, decoration of the building already Carmagnola-Dal Verme-Gallerani by Bramantino) and on the particular role that had in those years the city ​​of Biella (of which it was originally), a true artistic hub between the France of Louis XII and Francesco I, the duchy of Savoy and Milan.

This conference is part of the cycle of events that accompany the exhibition The Renaissance in Biella. Sebastiano Ferrero and his sons, in progress in Biella at Palazzo Ferrero, Palazzo La Marmora and Biellese Territory Museum until 18 August 2019.

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