The Renaissance Market

16/09/2019 - Events

The Municipality of Biella and Storie di Piazza are pleased to present, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, a theatrical event with free admission entitled “The Renaissance Market” at the Cloister of San Sebastiano on September 22nd from 2.30pm to 6.30pm.

The entrance to the Biellese Territory Museum, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, will be free for the whole day.

The days desired by the Mibac foresee different events and are placed in a wider project for the enhancement of our European heritage. This year’s title “One two three … Art! – Culture and entertainment“.

The event is an ideal continuation of the show performed at Piazzo in June “In the time and in the places of Sebastiano” and involves some characters from the exhibition dedicated to the Renaissance and which were visible on video and others addressed during the show at Palazzo Ferrero.

Renaissance market moments inspired by the old Piazzo market will be represented with the addition of tales of ancient crafts and other novelties.

The goal is to have fun and entertain by presenting the association and its stories in an innovative way and also collecting funds through the market. The sale will not relate to handicraft products but words will be sold: stories, stories and poems!

The direction and general coordination are entrusted to Manuela Tamietti, the scenes are by Franco Marassi and Laura Rossi and the costumes by Laura Rossi.

At 3.00 pm the group will be formed to enter the Biellese Territory Museum, with theatrical animation and thematic guided tour in collaboration with Ideazione sc with commentary on the work “The Virgin of the Rocks“, copy of the original Leonardo, preserved in the Museum and which recently was the protagonist of the exhibition “Il Rinascimento a Biella. Sebastiano Ferrero and his sons “and that will introduce the theme of the day to the participants.

REQUIRED RESERVATION to visit 015.2529345,