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The Ricetto of Candelo the “Pompei of the Middle Ages”

19/06/2019 - Updates

For CNN, the Ricetto of Candelo is “the Pompeii of the Middle Ages”, ranking third among the 20 most idyllic Italian towns that perfectly sum up the “Bel Paese” (Beautiful Country), or rather the Italy of food, art and wonderful landscapes from the sea to the mountains .

An excellent result for the village that has 140,000 tourists a year, mostly from Northern Italy, but also from abroad, with an induced 600,000 euros for B & Bs, guest houses and farmhouses in 5 years and of 400 thousand euros of expenditure on the territory (excluding overnight stays) in 2018.

The Ricetto is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the Orange Flag of the Touring Club, useful brands to get out of the local boundaries and to propose forcefully abroad.

The US broadcaster has published in its CNN Travel section a selection of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. The Ricetto is the only Piedmontese to appear in the list and is preceded only by Pietrapertosa (Basilicata), whose enormous rocks are called the “Dolomites of the South”, and by Marina Corricella, in Procida, with its fortress Terra Murata.

For more information, see the article in La Stampa: Biella. The Ricetto by Candelo on the CNN podium: “Medieval Pompeii”