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Travel – Horizons, Frontiers, Generations

14/11/2019 - Events

The side events continue for the exhibition Travel – Horizons, Frontiers, Generations

Sunday 17 November two free workshops held by two authoritative journalists from the NEOS Travel Journalists Association.

1 – Writing workshop: “The journey” on paper, video, radio and social media by Danilo Poggio. Meeting at Palazzo Ferrero from 10.00 to 13.00.

Writing about a trip doesn’t just mean writing on paper. But how do you tell a journey or rather an experience? How many ways can I do it?

In a world that has endlessly multiplied the means of communication, the word remains the essential element of every story. But it is necessary to know how to decline, adopting different languages ​​and communicative styles, based on our audience.

The workshop aims to provide the essential elements to exploit the many possibilities that are offered today. From the article in a prestigious magazine, to the post on Instagram, from the light-hearted intervention on a national radio to a video for YouTube or TikTok, the communicator must know how to move with ease and flexibility, always trying to speak to the hearts of people…

2 – Photography workshop: “The story of the city at night” by the photographer Mimmo Torrese, a passionate connoisseur of contemporary art and a subtle observer of the things that surround him: from 4.00pm to 10.00pm, meeting at Palazzo Ferrero.

A meeting on the representation of a place illuminated by artificial light and frequented by the people of the night.

Designed for both advanced and entry-level amateurs, even with only smartphones, they want to tackle technical and compositional issues linked to a branch of photography. The mini course consists of two moments, one theoretical and one practical.

Reservations required on: 388 5647455 – info@palazzoferrero.it