Two events at the Botanical Garden of Oropa

10/08/2019 - Events

Sunday 11 August at the Botanical Garden of Oropa at 15:00 the festive appointment with the guided tour is renewed (cost included in the admission ticket), enriched this Sunday by the workshop for the youngest Little Thumbs: new dedicated laboratory proposal for the little ones (ages 5 to 10 years and over).

The laboratory will bring children closer to the world of insects, thanks also to BLIPS, a special set of mini lens lenses for smartphones and tablets that allow you to see deep into the microscopic world.

Thursday 15 August: “Tribute to the garden“.

The month of August allows mountain and botanical lovers to visit many Botanical Gardens of the Alps. An association that gathers a part of it, the AIGBA, founded in 1970, has among its objectives the disclosure and among the activities it promotes one in particular will be the protagonist in two Piedmontese Gardens: “Tribute to the Garden”, which will take place at the same time as the Oropa Garden and the Rea di Trana Garden. In both Gardens the staff will be available to visitors to provide information and distribute documentary material on the plants while all paying visitors will be given a potted plant as a gift, while stocks last.