Urology of Biella leader in north-eastern Piedmont

02/12/2019 - Updates

It is also thanks to the Olmium laser that the complex structure of Urology of the Biella Hospital has achieved gratifying results, becoming the sixth ward in Piedmont and the first in the north-eastern quadrant for the surgical treatment of prostatic hypertrophy.

The result is sanctioned by the National Outcomes Plan, the tool of the Ministry of Health which provides assessments on the effectiveness, fairness, safety and appropriateness of treatments throughout the Italian territory. And it comes two years after donating to the ASL of Biella the equipment, the result of one of the many investments in public health made by the Tempia Foundation and the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.

The type of laser is a high-power, latest generation device, which allows above all to treat urinary calculi and prostatic hypertrophy, two extremely widespread conditions in the population. In the first two years after its entry into service, 630 interventions were carried out and included those for the treatment of some urinary tract cancers and urethral strictures.

The complete press release is attached.