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We challenge the future – SMART WORK

14/05/2019 - Events

We challenge the future” is the initiative that the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Biella Industrial Union has designed and organized with the aim of providing a strategic overview of the technological frontiers that businesses are facing.

These are moments of deepening and enrichment in which the technological tools are illustrated and told by experts in the sector and analyzed in concrete cases.

The first meeting will be held at Palazzo Gromo Losa Wednesday 15 May 2019 at 18.30.

The theme: “Cultural innovation and digital innovation: the new challenge of human resources

Speakers include:

Laura Fasolo Senior Consultant P4I

Christian Catiello Organizational Management Director Alpitour S.p.A.

Anna Grosso Head of General Affairs, Staff and Human Resources Banca Sella

Silvano Sartore Head of IT Finder S.p.A.

Moderator: Nicolò Bellon

For registration see https://www.ggibiella.it/it/sfidiamo-il-futuro