Zaccheo Award to Franco Ferraris

26/11/2019 - Updates

The Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation is pleased to announce the conferral to the President Franco Ferraris of the Zaccheo Prize by the Biellese section of UCID – Christian Association of Entrepreneurs Executives during the annual conference organized Saturday, November 23 at the Biverbanca Conference Room from Association and dedicated to aspects of the social and economic life of the Biella area.

The Zaccheo award – born 14 years ago by the UCID section of Biella – is a recognition to entrepreneurs or professionals who in the course of their normal professional activity have shown attention to social and community problems, consistent with Christian values.

It takes its name from the evangelical character Zaccheus who was a superintendent of tax collectors in Judea, called by Jesus during a visit to a village in Palestine, and invited to his table. It therefore symbolizes the encounter between Christian values ​​and economy.

The award has so far been awarded to 14 subjects including entrepreneurs and professionals as well as associations; this year Dr. Franco Ferraris has received it, in relation to the commitments shown in his professional, social and associative life, in favor of the community. In his career as a manager he has in fact always shown attention to Christian values ​​and corporate social responsibility, values ​​that also characterize his presidency at the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.

The award – given to Ferraris by the President of UCID, Vittorio Donati – consists, in addition to a parchment, in a valuable icon, made specifically, an element that represents a synthesis between religious values, history and art. This year’s icon represents the Christ Pantocrator.

In his speech, President Ferraris spoke of Biella Creative City, describing the candidacy path.