BÜRSCH – The souls of the valley

20/09/2019 - Events

“Valëtte” and “picapere”, “masche” and “siunere” are the characters who will tell the public, intent on following in the footsteps of a girl today, who finds herself spending a few days off in Valle Cervo.

In desperate and vain search of an area where her smartphone receives a semblance of signal, the girl, at first alien to the place, will stop perceiving it in a hostile way, thanks to the encounter with the deepest soul of the valley. This fact is manifested and speaks to her through the stories and characters that emerge from the pages of a book, left in her hands by a mysterious female figure, which seems to accompany her along her journey.

Born from an idea by Anna Bosazza and Danilo Craveia (authors of the texts) and inspired by the book written by Massimo Sella and dedicated to the Alta Valle Cervo, the show is a tribute to the “Bürsch”, its history, its characters and its traditions.

Appointment Saturday 21, Sunday 22 and Saturday 28 September (with the possibility of replication Sunday 29 September), Saturday from 20.30 to 22.30 and Sunday from 19.30 to 21.30.

Info: teatrandobiella.it