Nature and archeology: the Biella parks

06/12/2019 - Updates

The project Nature and archeology: the Biella parks. Baraggia, Bessa, Burcina is closely related and completes the project “Ancient Civilizations: the man in Burcina” already co-financed by the Ticino and Lake Maggiore Protected Areas Management Authority and by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.

The objective is to put the Biella naturalistic heritage under the hat of archeology and therefore of culture: Baraggia di Candelo, Bessa and Burcina.

The project actions concerned the continuation of archaeological investigations at the Burcina Park and the carrying out of surveys, surveys and studies on rock carvings concerning all three areas of Biella. The results were very interesting and validated by the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, a design partner who constantly oversaw the scientific direction of all the actions that were implemented, in the persons of Dr. Archeologist Lucia Mordeglia and Dr. Archeologist Elisa Lanza.

Dr. Archaeologist Matteo Aspesi who conducted the verification of the archaeological interest of the “erratic boulder present in Burcina” considered “sustainable the symbolic-functional vocation of the boulder present in Burcina Park” and therefore worthy of a specific study.

The Archaeologist Dr. Antonella Gabutti who conducted archaeological assistance to the surveys of stratigraphic assessment on the basis of which 3 surveys gave positive results: “pole holes and a hearth were found, an abundance of ceramic fragments and the recovery of a millstone saddle testify to the past presence on the hill of the Burcina Park of a settlement dating from the ceramic material to the final Bronze / Iron start. The hypothesis of a work worthy of further study is that of the existence of a hut with a built-in base“.

In addition to the purely study and research actions, a short geo-archaeological guide of the protected areas at the foot of the Biellesi Alps was carried out in parallel, by Dr. Archaeologist Angela Deodato.

Finally, 3 video clips were produced, each lasting 4.00 / 5.00 minutes, informative and suggestive with information gathered by Prospettiva Nevsky Prospect, by Manuele Cecconello with the collaboration of dronist Roberto Tacca and Roberto Ramella.

Attached is the press release.