Slow Food Travel

19/06/2019 - Events

The inauguration of Slow Food Travel – a Slow Food project linked to a territory that focuses on food and its production, promoting travel experiences consistent with the philosophy of good, clean and fair – will be held on Saturday 22 June at 11.30 am at the Trappa di Sordevolo.

In the area of Biella, a small province in northern Piedmont, an extraordinary variety of landscapes converges, including mountains, streams, woods, mountain pastures and sanctuaries.

Along the moraine of the Serra and in the Elvo and Cervo valleys, the productive, catering and receptive realities that have joined the project collaborate with the cultural sites of the Biellese Museum Network in the construction of a community strongly anchored to the territory.

The goal is the growth of widespread tourism, which accompanies the visitor to discover the foods, people and distinctive places of the Biella landscapes.

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