The Biella hospital: between creativity and humanism of care

12/11/2019 - Updates

Third floor, East side of the Biella Hospital. A place of therapy and care. People who are ill with cancer and are following therapies or taking control tests are waiting in two bright rooms. On the walls, the graphic, intense and symbolic interpretation that a large group of students from the art school of Biella has taken care of.

The Human Resources Training and Development Service, the nursing team of the Oncology Department and the teachers and students of the Art School “G. & Q. Sella”, drawing inspiration from the poetics of Master Michelangelo Pistoletto, have developed the project for the preparation of the halls of waiting for the Oncological Day Hospital, looking at values ​​such as attention to the world of others, hope for regeneration possible for each person, particularly in the relationship and in the testimony. A project carried out thanks to the contribution and support of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, which has always been attentive not only to instrument donations but also to humanization projects.

Two elements now inhabit those spaces: a natural one, the tree, the beauty and pride of life that develops in roots and branches, leaves and flowers, almost dreamlike forms in their grace; the other that relates to the ability of man (Biellese industry, in particular), balls of dense, full wool, which unfold to tell stories and experiences, which weave thin, tenacious, rough and porous threads, colorful in sharing open by narration. And the balls wool are also made three-dimensional, leaving “rain” threads in the waiting rooms, to collect words, thoughts, testimonies of those who pass in those places and want to offer a trace of themselves writing on colored paper leaves.

An embrace between nature and thought, between existences that touch on the intermittent daily that is good. What a cure.

Creativity and care: both need spaces for listening and dialogue, silences and words, light and color; both find a home in the Biella Hospital, which becomes a place of reflection and sharing between subjects involved at various levels in attention to the other, disseminating narrative and expressive experiences.

In addition to trees and balls of yarn, in fact, a significant element seals and nourishes the overall sense of the project: in front of the reception desk for assisted people, to support its pace and standing, the symbol of the “Third Paradise”, intertwined in the colors of Asl BI. An extraordinarily evocative form that Master Pistoletto has been designing and developing for 16 years and which he recently donated to accompany Biella towards the prestigious UNESCO “Creative City” award: a symbol of the balance between nature and artifice, it represents a renewed humanity.